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International Women's Day - Who is your inspiration?

March 07, 2018

International Women's Day - Who is your inspiration?

Today is International Women's Day: a time to celebrate the achievements of women the world over. 

Being a woman is tough. In today's world, in yesterday's world, and probably in tomorrow's world. But we stand up today and honour those women who have fought for our rights, who have advocated for equality, who have been pioneers in their field. Today, we collectively listen to the experiences of those who suffer at the hands of inequality.

Last Autumn, I created the 'Inspirations' collection of teething necklaces. They are all named after incredible women from past and present. To me these women stood out for being strong, brave and, for want of a better word, inspirational. It was my little way of sharing their achievements and raising awareness of their stories.

At the tender age of two, my daughter listens stories of how these women changed the world. It is my aim to instil in her an understanding that she has the potential to be anything she wants to be, to do anything she wants to do, and to go anywhere she wants to go (...although I do also tell her that 2am is not a good time to be a Gruffalo hunting for biscuits in the kitchen!)

So if you've not come across this collection before, I urge you to have a look. I wonder if you'll be able to guess who the necklaces are named after as you'll only see the first name. How many can you get? Also, they're 20% off for the next 48 hours using the code 'INSPIRE' at checkout.

For this year's IWD, I have created this as yet unnamed necklace:


So go on, who would you name it after and why?


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