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Keep Cool, Kids!

July 26, 2018 2 Comments

Keep Cool, Kids!

Oh my goodness, this heatwave is intense! I am melting (along with the majority of the population, I'm sure!)

With the sunshine and rising temperatures set to stick around for a while yet, I thought I'd compile some tips for keeping both you and the kiddies cool.

Freeze Your Teethers

I don't know if you already know, but our bracelets and teethers are ideal for popping into the freezer. Perfect for giving to your little ones to have a chomp on to cool them off. Sure those little teething gums will be super grateful for the icy soother!

I run them under the tap first, so that they go into the freezer covered in water droplets for that extra refreshing impact. Definitely worth a try!

Stay Hydrated!

I don't know about you, but I've had a bottle of water permanently at my side for the past few weeks. I know I've raved about them before, but seriously Klean Kanteen insulated flasks - just wow! Even in this heat, the ice stays frozen and the water ice cold. They've saved me throughout my recent gym sessions in an un-air-conditioned warehouse (yes, I'm totally daft!)

Pop frozen fruit in it if you so desire or just to jazz things up a little. Blueberries, raspberries & lemon are my favourites.

But whatever you're drinking it out of, drink water... and lots of it!

Fruit Lollies

These are fabulous! I'm a follower of Bo's Kitchen, and boy do these pineapple popsicles look good! Super simple, too. Slices of pineapple, dipped in chocolate, topped with coconut, popped into the freezer... and you're good to go!

Also works great with slices of watermelon on lolly sticks. Delicious!

For breastfed children, try offering a breastmilk ice-lolly. They were a definite winner with my little one last summer!

pineapple lollies

Ice, Ice, Baby

If you're one of the lucky ones who managed to buy a fan before they all sold out from every store within a 100 mile radius, then pop some frozen 2l water bottles in front of it. Fans aren't much use in heat like this as they'll just push the hot air around a bit. At least with the iced bottles, there'll be a little bit of a cool breeze coming your way.

Wear Cotton Clothes (or none at all!)

Cotton or bamboo clothing will help keep you cool in this weather. I'm avoiding synthetic fabrics like the plague as I fear they will melt onto me! It's perfectly fine for babies to be dressed in just a nappy (and a vest if they're teeny). Toddlers will probably be more than happy just prancing about in their pants! Remember to keep infants out of the sun and slather those toddlers in sun cream (yes, yes, I know it's like wrestling an octopus...!)

Keep Curtains Shut

This does seem somewhat counter-intuitive to me, but it'll stop the sun from heating up your rooms to boiling point. It might help to crack the windows open a bit on the shady side of your house, too. If you can find the cooler side of your house, well done... mine has disappeared into a sun-drenched vortex!

Avoid the Midday Sun

I think this one goes without saying, but avoid the blazing sunshine around midday when the sun is at it's highest point. It's scorchio!

It's a great time for inside games... or having a nap!

Just whilst I'm here, a PSA for one thing not to do: putting muslins or blankets over buggies so baby stays in the shade is a big no-no, I'm afraid. It'll turn the buggy into a heat-trap, causing potential harm to Bub. Find shade elsewhere instead!


Anyway, I hope that helps keep you lovely lot cool. Any further tips greatly appreciated!

Yours meltingly 😊

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