Teething Jewellery: A Buying Guide

March 04, 2018

Teething Jewellery: A Buying Guide

With so many teething necklaces to choose from, how do you know where to start? Well, you've made it to Pebbles & Lace, so that's an excellent first step! Hopefully this handy guide will demystify the choosing process by answering the questions that crop up most frequently.

What are the main differences between the necklace styles?

There are a few main differences: round beads vs. geo beads; small beads vs. large beads; colour spectrum vs. high contrast; short vs. long bead sequence; single thread vs. woven.

There are also similarities between all the necklaces: BPA-free silicone beads; length of cord (80cm - although easily adjustable); breakaway clasp.

Which necklaces are best for young babies?

The necklaces using the round beads are generally more suitable for younger babies as the beads are smaller, so they will be able to hold and chew on more easily. Another consideration to make is that younger babies are still developing their colour vision, so necklaces with high contrast colouring would be more appealing to them.

The styles that I generally suggest for young babies are: Bubbles, Dance With Me, and Inspirations as these are the most petite of all the designs. Most of the woven necklaces would also be perfect as they use a combination of smaller beads to make up a larger overall necklace.

But overall, almost all of the necklaces are suitable from birth to toddlerdom and beyond, especially those with a combination of round and geometric beads (Odyssey, Flora and Stellar).

The only designs that I tend not to recommend for very young babies are the ones that solely use geometric beads (Take Five and Five Stars) as those beads are that bit larger for teeny mouths!

Which necklaces are best for babies who love to fiddle?

Ah, so you've got one of those babies too! 

The geometric beads are wonderfully tactile, so are particularly good for babies who like to fiddle and twiddle. These can be found in a lot of our designs, so head over to Necklace Styles to see what takes your fancy.

If your baby loves to wrap and twist things around their fingers, the Waves collection would be a good choice. These necklaces have the longest bead sequence of all of our designs, so there is plenty of necklace to fiddle with whilst also chomping on beads the other end of it.

The woven necklaces are perfect for twiddlers! These work wonderfully for those babies who like to stick their fingers into things, twist things around, or scrunch things up in their hands. The number of beads and the way the necklaces are constructed provide baby with plenty of tactile stimulation.

Which necklaces are best for twins?

Good question! I'm often asked to adapt necklaces to suit twins - this usually involves making the bead sequences longer so that each baby has enough to hold on to without the wearer being pulled in opposite directions.

However, I can also adapt the necklaces to have a double layer style. This provides each baby with a bead sequence of their own, but knotted onto one breakaway clasp.

I really love this style but I'm not sure on the colours, can I change them?

Of course you can! Just get in touch and let us know which style and what colours you would like. Easy as pie (which everyone knows is actually really hard to get right, so maybe this phrase should be easier than pie!)

I'm buying as a gift, which necklace should I go for?

The first place to look is our Bestsellers list as this contains our most popular styles.

If you're looking for a good all-rounder, the Stellar and Odyssey necklaces get my vote. They're colourful, symmetrical and contain a mix of bead shapes and sizes.

If you really can't make a decision, there are always gift vouchers. These unique codes get emailed to you automatically after purchase.

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